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HUGE thanks to Edward K. Stuart for providing the music!

Join Loppy, and her friends, on a 16-Bit Sci-Fi Themed 2D platforming adventure (All with a tasty twist!) where you'll travel through various themed planets, run through levels, jump over obstacles, use your Telekinesis powers to defeat evil businessmen, eat pastries, discover secrets, and save the galaxy from the clutches of an evil corporation!


Loppy: Planet Hopper is a 2D platformer with a 16-bit in-game art style that takes inspiration from many classic 2D platformers from the '90s.

The game takes place in a far-off solar system, named the "Primordian Solar System", inhabited by unique-looking aliens, who live in various themed planets (city planet, beach planet, prehistoric planet, etc).

The story revolves around a group of aliens, named Loppy, Evlie, Myah, and Studart, all of which work at a small bakery in "Primordia" (city planet), happily named the "GoGo Bakery".

One day, out of the blue, they get a phone call from a customer willing to give a large tip for them to retrieve a rare ingredient formerly known as the "Orbo Spice".

Without taking a second to reconsider, Loppy & Co. rush out the door and onto a new adventure...

Sometime later...

Loppy's little sister, Lili, and her reptilian-esque friend, Chamal, both return from school to find out that Loppy's livelihood is threatened by two Rang Tang representatives, Plotz and Plumz, both working for an evil corporation bent on taking over independent businesses (and the entire universe, for that matter).

They both give Lili a letter, written by their CEO, Magnush McBiggFiss, forcing her sister, and her friends, to fork over the bakery!

Will Loppy & Co. obtain this rare ingredient? Will Lili and Chamal be able to hold off the Rang Tang representatives for long enough?

... Well, hopefully they will!

[ The main focus of this game is that of platforming through several diverse planets while also fending off as many Rang Tang agents as possible, with the main purpose of finding the “Orbo Spice”. ]


There’s a ton of neat things featured in this 2D 16-Bit Sci-Fi inspired platformer, such as:

4 PLAYABLE CHARACTERS to choose from, each with unique abilities! 

Jump, Smash, Spin or Glide your way to victory!

Ever felt like CONTROLLING OBJECTS with your mind? Well, NOW YOU CAN!

With the TELEKINESIS MECHANIC, you can attract (or repel) objects, and throw them at enemies, it's like a neat game of Dodgeball, really.

Gather PASTRIES to gain powers!

During a level, you might come across certain Pastries, you can eat them to gain powers, or you can combine TWO OF THEM and gain even more POWERFUL abilities!

Up to 3 PLAYERS can join in for a fun MULTIPLAYER experience! 

Help Loppy & Co. gather collectibles like Coins and Gem Medals, place Platforms to assist the Player in reaching hard-to-reach areas or use Bombs to defeat enemies! (Or... if you're feeling mischievous, use them to prank the main player!)


FULL NAME - Loppy Lavidi

IN-GAME STATS - High Jump, Fastest Speed.

SPECIAL MOVE - Ball Roll, lets Loppy transform into a ball and roll!

AGE - 76 Alien Years (19 Human Years)

SPECIES - Cyclopida Volveris
Loppy is a cheery, outgoing, yet clumsy creature that finds joy in the simplest of things.

One thing Loppy loves the most is baking, another thing she loves are her loved ones and those closest to her, having sworn to personally protect and care for each one of them, which is how she got the position of leader of the GoGo baker trio in the first place.
FULL NAME - Evlie Saltazar

Low Jump, Lowest Speed.

Spinning Top, lets Evlie drill through breakable floors!

 84 Alien Years (21 Human Years)

 Crustatia Gigantas
Evlie is relaxed yet somewhat dim-witted at the same time. She's known for cracking (bad) jokes and pulling inoffensive pranks on her friends.

She uses her hefty hands to lift heavy stuff and to knead bread. As for her horns, she mostly uses them to hang stuff, still doesn't stop her from using them to defend herself though!

FULL NAME - Myah Cohren

Low Jump, Fastest Speed.

Jump Boost, gives Myah a vertical boost that will let her reach high places!

AGE - 
72 Alien Years (18 Human Years)

Gastropoda Stiktus
Myah isn't really the most extroverted and brave alien on the planet, she's pretty much known for using her heavily-modified mobility chair (equipped with boosters) to avoid any problematic situation that could arise.

But... despite the odds, she's gotten pretty positive reviews about her attentiveness, good memory, quick service, and just overall being a good waitress.
FULL NAME - Studart Harriz

High Jump, Lowest Speed.

Mop Sweep, allows Studart to use his Mop as a melee weapon, which can also spawn bubbles that obtain out-of-reach collectibles.

AGE - 68 Alien Years (17 Human Years)

SPECIES - Impia Mytis
He might look harmless, but Studart knows how to defend himself pretty well, using his mop as a self-defense tool whenever danger comes through.

Although he works at the bakery, he finds more enjoyment being a janitor than being a baker, Studart is also very talkative and likes to name his possessions, like his ship, "Margerita", and his mop, "Oswall".

FULL NAMES - Mishell Rubots, Trebor Davor, Julus Bomes, Ane Mardo

ABILITIES - Spawn Holographic Blocks and Bombs.

SPECIES - Impia Multus
The M.F.O.'s (Multiple Flying Objects) come in peace and are in desperate need to finish their school report on different alien cultures, thankfully, they've come across Primordia and decided to base their report on the GoGo Bakery team!

They will assist Loppy & Co. in Multiplayer!

FULL NAME - Magnush McBiggFiss

AGE - 180 Alien Years (45 Human Years)

SPECIES - Guardonis
Being the C.E.O. of a company that wishes to conquer various galaxies is no easy task! And to do that, you just gotta be an intimidating pushover, and that is exactly what Magnush is!

He is the main villain of the game.

FULL NAME - Lili Lavidi

AGE - 48 Alien Years (12 Human Years)

SPECIES - Cyclopida Volveris

Have you ever seen a 12-year-old with the spirit of a drill sergeant? Well, now you have.

Lili is Loppy's younger sister, and the one that always has to deal with Loppy's clumsiness, but despite that, they always seem to make a great team when they're together.
FULL NAME - Chamal Chamal Chamal

AGE - 44 Alien Years (11 Human Years)

Chamal may not know a lot about the Primordian language, but he sure speaks a lot in the language of loyalty, especially to his best friend, Lili.

Having met Lili in pre-school, they both rely on each other when things get tough and rough.
FULL NAMES - Plotz Tidoleo, Plumz Dinyero

AGE - 108 Alien Years (27 Human Years)

Plumz is the brains of the pair, while Plotz is the brawn (?)... But see, here's the thing, teamwork is a foreign concept for them, all they mostly do is just argue about who gets to lead who in an "eviction mission".

They both serve as Magnush's right-hand men, handing out eviction notices left and right to several businesses in order to later call in the demolition crew to make space for new Rang Tang locations.

Be careful when trying to get rid of them, they weren't made Rang Tang's highest ranking members for nothing!


Files labeled as (Windows) contain game files meant to work with Windows computers, and files labeled as (Other OS) contain files meant to work on every other OS (Including Windows) using the LÖVE executable.

I hope you enjoy the game as much as I enjoyed making it!

Updated 9 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorQQnut Games
Made withLÖVE
Tags16-bit, 2D, Aliens, Pixel Art
Average sessionA few hours
LanguagesEnglish, Spanish; Latin America
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any)
AccessibilityConfigurable controls
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 4
LinksYouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Twitch


Loppy: Planet Hopper - 2023 DEMO (Windows) 56 MB
Loppy: Planet Hopper - 2023 DEMO (Other OS) 52 MB
[LEGACY] Loppy: Planet Hopper - Planet #1 DEMO (Windows) 51 MB
[LEGACY] Loppy: Planet Hopper - Planet #1 DEMO (Other OS) 47 MB

Install instructions

If you've downloaded the "(Other OS)" package: in order to play the DEMO you must open it with the LÖVE executable, available here.

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This demo is absolutely fantastic. The game oozes charm and controls wonderfully, it's super fun and I'm looking forward to when the game eventually releases!


Wishlist Today on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2305100/Loppy_Planet_Hopper/