Update to Loppy DEMO V1.1

  • The "Save Select" screen has been given a few upgrades, and it now shows you the confirm and exit buttons!
  • You can now press the "Attack" button to talk to NPCs, and in case you're in a rush, press the same button to skip the typing effect!
  • The "Goony" power-up can now get stunned after getting hit instead of completely losing it, giving you a 10-second window to grab it before it's gone.
  • You can now skip the death screen by pressing the "Jump" button.
  • Several pieces of dialogue (including those of the Spanish translation) have been altered.
  • ...And many other fixes!


  • Figure out a way to optimize the demo/game for computers with low RAM.

Thank you to the people who have alerted me to this, keep the bug reports/suggestions coming, folks!


Loppy: Planet Hopper - Planet #1 DEMO (Other OS) 47 MB
93 days ago
Loppy: Planet Hopper - Planet #1 DEMO (Windows) 51 MB
93 days ago

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